Moderate Rest Period Drop Sets Workouts (MRPDS)

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There is no limit to the advanced techniques that exist out here to improve your results. No matter what your goal is, there is something out there that can help you accomplish this quicker, easier, or in less time. We all want to find time to optimize our time working out and there is no one size fits all solution for everybody. This is the reason why I continue to build multiple options for everyone to test out. Today, I am going to share one of my favorites and Moderate Rest Period Drop Sets (MRPDS). I will explain why I like them, how it works and why you may want to consider giving them a try in my Blog linked below!

As you progress in your strength training journey, we all reach a point where we start to consider something more advanced that can push our gains to the next level. Using some advanced techniques not only helps you get there but they provide a new stimulus for further muscle growth. There is also the benefit of doing something new for continued momentum, motivation, and just something new to try.

This is a 5-week program, the 5th being a deload week, and there are 8 workout days created in the program. This allows you the flexibility to train 3 days, 4 days, 5, or even 6 based on your schedule and this can even change on a week-to-week basis. The exercise choices are also fully customizable to the equipment you own at home.

While this may not be your always workout, this is great for breaking plateuas and trying something more advanced and different than what you are doing today.