45 LBs Machined Cast Iron Weight Plate Pair (Free Shipping!)

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Sold in Pairs. (2)

Patent Pending

10 different options to choose from. 

1. Black Coated Plate

Introducing New Custom Colorways- Custom Colors are for preorder and will take up to 2 weeks to ship. Our same great 45lb plate with your own custom color. 

1. Clear 

2. Blue

3. Red

4. White

5. Purple

6. Green

7. Orange

8. Yellow

9. Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Plates (A portion the of Proceeds Donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation) https://www.bcrf.org/

Thinnest and One Of The Most Accurate Cast Iron Plates on the Market!

  • These weights are made from 100% American made cast iron.
  • Slim Style only 3/4" Thick!
  • Olympic size Diameter 450MM (17.72")
  • 10 Different types of coatings to choose from.
  • Fit comfortably onto any Olympic 2 inch bar. 
  • + - 1% Weight Variance

    Our Recommended Collar is: The Mackey Innovation Collar. Won't move or budge. 

    Purchase here: Mack Clamps Collars (set of two) - Weight It Out

    Note On Thinness. Since these plates are so thin we suggest a tight fitting collar if only using 1 pair of plates for deadlifts. Just like our solid steel thin plates they can move around a bit since they are so thin. Use a tight fitting collar.(like the suggesred Mackey).... but let's be honest...we know you always put at least 2-3 pairs of 45s on your deadlifts...just to start 😉😉!

    Thin to Win..... Gains!! 💪

    Locally sourced craftsmanship helps keep the American dream alive and well during turbulent times. 

    Orders for weight plates are sold in pairs (2 plates per order)


    Color: Pink Breast Cancer Awareness