Bodybuilding Workouts

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A Six-Pack of Bodybuilding workouts specifically designed for those who work out at home, but you can of course use these at a commercial gym as well. All workouts are designed to be completed in 45 minutes or less and are completely customizable with several exercise options. This way you can plug in the options you can perform with the specific equipment you have at home.

Because of the ability to choose exercises, you can use the program over and over, if you choose to continue progress. You can also complete it, do something else and come back to it. 

1. A 3 day Push Pull Legs (PPL)

2. A 4 Day, 1x Frequency for each body part

3. 4 Day, 2x Frequency for each body part

4. A 5 Day, 1x Frequency Workout

5. A 5 Day, 2x Frequency for Upper Body & 1x Frequency Lower Body

6. A 5 Day, 2x Frequency (except shoulders)

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