My Wife's Workout

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You may have seen or read my Renegade Workout blog already, you know, the copy of the workout that I perform, and I wanted to also share with you the program I have built for my wife @allnaturalfemale. She has a tight schedule, just like me, we both have 3 kids and she runs our Clean Juice store. If you have never heard of Clean Juice, just check them out with the link above. This business is an extension of our values on health and putting the best possible food into our bodies.

Since she is also very busy, much like many of you working mothers out there, she has some specific requirements for her program.

Her Workout Basics And Building Blocks

  1. She likes to train 4 days a week.
  2. It has to be about 35 minutes or less so she can also spend 25 minutes or so in the sauna before getting ready to do parental duties and go run our store. 
  3. One of her favorite genres is bodybuilding, the 3 main powerlifting exercises, and a bit of variety. Call it a modified Powerbuilding Workout.
  4. She also likes to train every muscle and not leave anything out. 

Here is the full Blog of what her workout consists of and if it may be right for you.