Renegade Pyramids Workout

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Pyramid weight training, like other advanced techniques, can help you progress with your strength training workouts. They can help you move past a plateau or provide some new variety to your programming. If you are tired of performing traditional sets and looking for something fun, new, and to further progress muscle strength and mass, pyramids can be an excellent option. Pyramids can fine-tune your workout and add volume variety to your workload.

This workout consists of both an Ascending Pyramid and Descending Pyramid Program. Both are 5 weeks long with a 5th-week deload. All workouts are designed to be completed in 45 minutes or less and are completely customizable with many exercise options. Whether you own a barbell, dumbbell, or other equipment, there are choices no matter what you own. You have the ability to plug in the options you can perform and use as much consistency or variety you choose.

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