The Edge Workout

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The Edge Workout Program is a Powerbuilding program combined with some unique Thor Kettlebell exercises and workouts and adds in Back-off Sets. After you perform the Rep-Out Target Set or your heavy set, you'll then back off. You’ll repeat the same exercise, but at a lower load.

What is Powerbuilding? It's the weight training routine where powerlifting and bodybuilding come to an inevitable crash. It’s really the middle ground for those who have a hard time deciding between bodybuilding and powerlifting. You want to get strong but you also want to get big. This hybrid model accomplishes just that.

Not only do you get to consistently perform the main three lifts but you also get to perform them in lower rep ranges but at the same time, still build muscle throughout every muscle fiber in your body. Could there be anything better than getting your bodybuilding fix and squatting, deadlifting, and benching all rolled up into one nice little packaged exercise program? In this program, yes, just add in some variety with a Thor Kettlebell.

This workout is approximately a 15-week program, depending on how many days a week you plan to workout. One of the best features of the program is the ability for it to be flexible for both the number of days a week you have to work out and also incorporating exercises, based on the equipment you own at home. You can check out the video walkthrough and a free Ebook on a Guide To The Thor Kettlebell.

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