The Free Edge Workout Programs
The Free Edge Workout Programs

The Free Edge Workout Programs

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So what is The Edge workout?

The training program is an 11-week program, week 12 is a week off, that can be repeated as there is great flexibility in choosing supplementary exercises on a week-to-week basis. The Edge Workout includes a 5-day bodybuilding and a 5-day powerbuilding schedule. The main difference between the two is the powerbuilding program includes deadlifts and the bodybuilding does not but let's get into a little detail about each.

The great part of these programs is the ability for you to choose, built-in exercises that allow you to pick from the equipment you use at home. You will not see an exercise on here that requires you to search online for a replacement. You get to choose! The exercises listed in each workout were also designed to provide several options for supplemental work and knowing not everyone owns or has access to the same equipment.

There are also instructions on how to follow the programs tabbed as "Rules of the Game."

The Bodybuilding Edge Program

The bones of this program are built around bodybuilding rep ranges primarily between 6 and 12. there is progressive overload over the course of each 4-week cycle and the rep ranges on the major lifts decrease as each week goes on. You'll also notice that the intensity also increases each week until you reach a 4th-week deload. If you do not like taking deloads every 4th week, just skip that and start the next session.

For the most part, your first two exercises for each muscle group stay the same for each 4-week cycle and your 3rd exercise can be changed each week or, if desired, it can remain the same. Each workout is designed to take 45 minutes or less but this includes completing supersets. Don't worry, you are working for separate muscle groups so you should be fresh and your muscles should be well rested in between each set. You'll use a moderate rest period throughout the program which allows sufficient rest but also allows workouts to be completed in the time mentioned above.

The Powerbuilding Edge Program

The power building program is built much the same as the bodybuilding program, however, deadlifts are added in. Why? You can't power build without deadlifting!

Outside of this, there are only minor differences but this allows you to choose the program that is a better fit for you. You will see deadlifts added onto your lats and hamstring day.

If you want all the ins and outs before purchasing, just check out this Blog for more!

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