The Ultimate Home Gym Guide

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A Complete Guide To Owning, Building, And Creating Your Unique Home Gym, Garage Gym, Or Basement Gym Workout Space.

There are plenty of Home Gym Guides out there and there is no shortage of resources to read and help you along the way but here’s what makes this guide different from the rest. First, I have personally owned my official, meaning I no longer needed a commercial gym to accomplish my goals, home gym since I was 22 years old. I have owned more equipment than I knew what to do with and in fact, I owned a legitimate Olympic weight set and a couple of dumbbells when I was just 12 and have owned my equipment ever since. Secondly, I have personally helped many other people build their home gyms over the past 7 years. I’ve continued to do this, but now to a greater extent here at Renegade, with this site and app.

I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and understand what equipment is essential over others, what you can use to get the most out of your money, and strategies to keep your costs down all while still achieving your fitness goals. I use my equipment every single day and I don't just review products, you’ll see me using them in my personally designed workouts to help me build bigger muscles and improve my strength. There is nothing in my space that I do not use regularly.