Calf Cup

Unlock Your Calf Growth Potential with the Calf Blast Combo!

Unlock Your Calf Growth Potential with the Calf Blast Combo!

Growing your calves can be tough, but the Calf Cups and Flex Wedge from Exponent Edge make it easier and more effective.

Calf Cups: These are designed to turn our standard J-Cup into a secure platform for calf raises. They lock the barbell in place, like a small Smith Machine, giving you stability during your lifts. With Calf Cups, you can focus on building bigger, stronger calves without worrying about balance.

Flex Wedge: This adjustable platform lets you do various calf exercises from different angles. It’s compact and fits easily into any gym setup. You can adjust it to five different angles, targeting your calves in new ways to keep growing stronger. The Flex Wedge is also great for lunges, elevated squats, and split squats, adding versatility to your workouts.

Maximize Your Calf Training: Using both the Calf Cups and Flex Wedge together maximizes your calf workouts. Start with the Calf Cups for secure standing calf raises, then use the Flex Wedge to add variety and intensity. This combination ensures you work your calf muscles fully, helping you grow and strengthen them effectively.

With the Calf Cups and Flex Wedge, your calf workouts will be more efficient and productive, helping you achieve stronger, more defined calves. ORDER THE BUNDLE TODAY!

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