The Calf Cup Set

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The Calf Cup is the Best calf solution for those looking to train calves at home but also use the device as a standard J-Cup.

Perfect for Standing Calf Raises

The Calf Cup was created to allow standing calf raises to be performed while using an elevated toe device to prevent tipping backward.

Convert from a J-Cup to an Enclosed Chamber

The entirely enclosed chamber allows the barbell to stay within the channel by using patented technology to lock in the upper chamber, into the standard J-Cup Base with locking chambers and a quick-release pin.

Build Bigger and Stronger Calves

Use a full range of motion versus a half range of motion on the floor. Get a full stretch. 

Fits almost every barbell size with mm space in the chamber.

Calf Cup Set is sold in pairs of two.

  • Patent-pending technology
  • 13” total height
  • 9" inside-cup height
  • 2.25” (58mm) inside-cup depth - fits almost all barbell sizes
  • 10 LB each Cup
  • 5/8” and 1" adapters available
  • Maximum load is 1000 LBS
  • Nylon plastic is used to prevent barbell scraping or damage

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