The Edge Infinity Bench

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The Edge Infinity Bench is a bench that combines three separate benches all into one bench. This is a Patent-Pending bench.

You get the benefits of a Flat Bench, Incline Bench, and Half Bench all in one device.

**This is a Live Pre-Order where you can take advantage of a pre-order discounted price of $589 versus the Retail price of $669.**

**We anticipate to start shipping mid-July 2024***.

If anything changes during production you will be notified 

This will be a limited first run so don’t hesitate to be a part of the first shipment for Mid-July.

Please note: A minimum of 25 Edge Infinity Benches must be pre-ordered in order for manufacturing to begin. If a minimum of 25 is not achieved by April 5th, all who have ordered will be refunded.

All Infinity Bench pre-orders will also qualify you to  receive a 10% discount code for any other product on the website.

Flat Bench

Perfect for all your flat bench needs you are used to performing today.

Incline Bench

The Bench comes with 5 separate heights and is adjustable to the incline needs you desire. The seat is also adjustable in 4 different positions to give you all the angles you need.

The top portion of the bench is also foldable when you desire to have this out of your way for any overhead needs, while on an incline, like incline skull crushers or incline overhead extensions.

Half Bench

The most unique feature of the bench is the ability to fold down the top portion not only for a Half Bench but also as a chest-supported and back-supported device. 

Overhead Work

Now you can perform overhead work on exercises you could not perform before as the top of the bench will no longer get in the way. Whether you are performing Seated Military Press, Overhead Tricep Extensions, or any other overhead work, you no longer have to worry about the bench getting in the way.

Chest-Supported & Back-Supported Work

The top portion of the bench also securely locks into place so that you can perform chest-supported and back-supported work. now you no longer need a separate device from your bench to add several exercises to your training arsenal. you can now perform; tricep kickbacks, bent-over raises, lateral raises, rear raises, dumbbell flyes, and many other exercises are now all completed on this one device.

If you are looking for a solid, flat-incline-half bench, this is your only option for one bench.


When not in use, you can move and store the bench in an upright position, saving you precious room in your Home Gym Space. The ladder-style back adjustment allows you to change the angle instantly. The seat pad also has four adjustment angles to get your angle and position perfect for your favorite exercises. The rear base on The Edge Infinity bench is wider to provide more side-to-side stability.

The handle on the front was designed to stay out of the way when you’re lifting, making the bench easier to move around your gym. 

Specs & Weight Capacity

  1. Bench Weight - 80 pounds
  2. Chest & Back Support exercises Capacity - at least 500 pounds
  3. Flat Bench and Incline Capacity of ~1,000 pounds
  4. Pad Thickness - 2 inches
  5. Pad Type - 


  • Full Bench Length - 50 Inches
  • Full Bench Height - 17 inches
  • Seat Pad - 14X14 at its widest front point and 11 inches at the incline portion
  • Back Pad - 18.5 x 11
  • Head Pad - 15X11 at its widest front point and 7 inches at the top of the head portion
  • Front Base - 8 inches
  • Back Base - 24 inches

Bench Angles

  • Flat - 0 Degrees, 18, 34, 48, 64, and 85 degree angles
  • Seat option of s angle options
  • Support Pad is usable in  the top 4 angle settings