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Ready to Grow Your Small Calves?! We Got You Covered with the Calf Blast Bundle!

Ready to Grow Your Small Calves?! We Got You Covered with the Calf Blast Bundle!

Are you ready to take your calf training to new heights without sacrificing precious space in your home gym? Look no further than the Exponent Edge Calf Blast Bundle, featuring two innovative products designed to maximize your calf workouts: the Calf Cup and the Flex Wedge.

The Calf Cup: Elevate Your Standing Calf Raises

The Calf Cup is a game-changer for standing calf raises, offering stability while performing this essential exercise. This versatile device seamlessly converts from a J-Cup to an enclosed chamber, allowing the barbell to stay securely in place during calf raises. With a full range of motion and patented locking technology, the Calf Cup ensures optimal calf engagement and development with every rep. It fits nearly every barbell size, making it a must-have addition to your home gym.

Key Features of the Calf Cup:

  • Ideal for standing calf raises
  • Converts from J-Cup to enclosed chamber
  • Enables full range of motion for maximum calf stretch
  • Patent-pending technology ensures barbell stability
Calf cups - Convert J-Cups to a mini Smith for full range of motion calf raises

The Flex Wedge: Compact, Space-Saving Calf Training

Enhance your calf workouts with the Flex Wedge, a space-saving alternative to traditional calf-raise machines. This compact and modernly designed apparatus features adjustable angles (up to 5 positions) for a full range of motion, allowing you to target different areas of the calves effectively. With strategically placed handles and a sturdy steel construction, the Flex Wedge can support up to 1,000 pounds while remaining lightweight and easy to move around your gym.

Key Features of the Flex Wedge:

  • Adjustable angle increments for varied calf exercises
  • Compact footprint (20 x 13.8 x 6.9 inches)
  • Suitable for other exercises like lunges, elevated squats, and more
  • Designed, engineered, and tested in the USA

Angle 1 of Adjustable calf raise block for full range of motion calf exercises

Perfect Pairing for Ultimate Calf Training

Combine the Calf Cup and the Flex Wedge for the ultimate calf training experience. Transform your J-Cup into a mini Smith machine for calf raises with the Calf Cup, and then fine-tune your calf workouts using the Flex Wedge for added variety and intensity. This bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to build stronger, more defined calves in the comfort of their own home gym.

Upgrade your calf training regimen today with the Exponent Edge Calf Blast Bundle and unlock the potential of your calves like never before!

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