Infinity Arm

Enhance Your Workouts with the Infinity Arm Versatility

Enhance Your Workouts with the Infinity Arm Versatility

The Exponent Edge Infinity Arm is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment designed to seamlessly integrate into any gym setup, offering unparalleled flexibility for a range of exercises. Engineered for adaptability, the Infinity Arm excels in supporting various workouts, including step-ups, incline dumbbell bench presses, and preacher curls.


With the Exponent Edge Infinity Arm elevate leg training to a new level of intensity and effectiveness. By attaching the Infinity Arm to a squat rack, you can perform step-ups with enhanced stability and balance control.

This exercise targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, while also improving overall lower body strength and coordination. Adjust the height of the platform to vary the difficulty and focus on different muscle groups.

With the Infinity Arm supporting your step-up workouts, you'll experience increased muscle engagement and functional strength gains, making it a valuable addition to any leg training routine.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Performing incline dumbbell bench presses with the Exponent Edge Infinity Arm is a game-changer for chest development. The Infinity Arm's versatility allows you to effortlessly adjust the angle of the bench to achieve the perfect incline position for targeting the upper chest muscles.

This ease of adjustment ensures that you can quickly transition between exercises and customize your workout to suit your preferences and fitness goals.

With the Infinity Arm, achieving the ideal angle for incline dumbbell presses is seamless, allowing you to optimize muscle engagement and maximize gains in your chest strength and development.

Preacher Curls

Performing preacher curls with the Exponent Edge Infinity Arm is a transformative experience for arm training. The Infinity Arm's adaptability and ease of adjustment allow you to set up the perfect angle for preacher curls, ensuring optimal muscle engagement and targeting of the biceps.

Simply attach the Infinity Arm to your 3x3 squat rack, adjust the height and angle to your preference, and start curling. This versatility allows you to customize your preacher curl setup based on your body mechanics and comfort, enhancing the effectiveness of the exercise and minimizing strain on other muscle groups.

With the Infinity Arm, achieving the ideal angle for preacher curls is effortless, helping you sculpt stronger and more defined arms with precision and efficiency.

The Ultimate Rack Accessory

Experience the versatility and functionality of the Exponent Edge Infinity Arm—your ultimate workout companion for achieving fitness goals with precision and efficiency. Unlock new exercise variations and redefine your training experience with the Infinity Arm by your side.
Get to growing!

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