AMM Premium Wrist Wraps

Sale price$40.00

For those seeking the best in wrist wraps, AMM's Premium Wraps are a superior option. With a belt-loop tightening system designed to enhance circulation and improve comfort, these 20" x 3" wraps offer reliable support without pinching or bunching. Featuring a sweat-resistant blend of 50% cotton, 40% rubber and 10% polyester, they are also breathable and protect skin from irritation. Trust in these innovative wraps for dependable wrist support during even the most intense workouts.


Sold in pairs.
Belt loop.
Reinforced Stitching.
Total length of each wrap is 20 inches including velcro.
16 inches of fabric + 4 inches of velcro = 20 inches in total.
Width of each wrap is 3 inches.
Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
50% cotton, 40% rubber and 10% polyester construction.
Color: Black Out