Exponent Edge 2x2 Sandwich J-Cups

Sale price$50.00

J-Cups are designed to fit standard 2X2 Racks - both true 2-inch as well as 50mm racks.
  • 1.5” width, 10.5” height, 3” rackable depth, 1/4” plate steel, 7 pounds
  • UHMW is included to protect your bar, as well as all sides of your rack. There is also protection on the front lip (further preventing metal on metal contact) and extends the plastic lining all the way to the top of the back plate. This all reduces the chance of an accidental re-racking above the top of the plastic.
  • The UHMW plastic in the sandwich protects against barbell knurling, and plastic on the black plate prevents chipping of the upright finish.