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We have officially launched our first product which is available for purchase now!

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Exercise equipment designed to be compact, efficient, and optimize your home gym space.

A full arsenal of products are coming your way!

First To own release
Wall Mounted GHD Pre-Order Is Live!
The WMGHD is now Live! All Launch Orders are 15% off regular price while supplies last.
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Rack Mounted GHD that attached to any size rack. don't want to Wall Mount, no problem!
What's Coming Next
Rack Mounted GHD
If you would prefer a Rack Mounted Option, we got you covered as well!

Patent Pending and three versions available to attach to nay rack you own!
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Wall Mounted Glute Ham Developer Testimonial
I've been using it for Split Squats, sit ups, GHD's (gotta use my arms a little for assistance on the way up on those but I control the negative as well as I can), and sissy squats some too actually. It's quickly becoming my go to piece of equipment on lower body days for my assistance exercises. I really enjoy it. I always wanted a GHD for the gym with little space to work with as I just didn't have the room for a traditional one. So this thing is as good as it gets without taking up much space at all.
@paynter periodization
Testimonial - as good as it gets without taking up much space at all