Man putting weights onto the Exponent Edge Rackable Cambered Bar

Empower Your Wellness with Trumed & Exponent Edge

Unlock More with Your HSA/FSA

Maximize your pre-tax savings on fitness equipment.

Exponent Edge is excited to announce a partnership with Trumed, a leading innovator in health and wellness benefits. This collaboration empowers you to unlock the full potential of your pre-tax savings for a wider range of health and wellness needs.

The Infinity Bar is a hybrid Bodybuilding and Powerlifting barbell. This images presents a close-up view of the Infinity Bar being used for a workout.

What Does This Mean for You?

Many people are surprised to learn that HSAs and FSAs can cover a variety of expenses beyond traditional medical bills. However, navigating eligibility and finding qualified providers can be confusing.

Simple 3-Step Process

1. Payment Details

You can conveniently pay for our fitness equipment directly with your HSA/FSA card. If you prefer to use your regular credit card, that's perfectly fine too! In that case, we'll provide you with instructions for how to manually reimburse yourself using your HSA/FSA administrator's procedures.

2. Quick Intake Survey

Take a quick, 1-minute survey to determine if your specific needs qualify for using HSA/FSA funds with Trumed. (Fitness equipment has a 99% approval rating.)

3. Receive Evaluation

A licensed medical professional partner will review your intake form. If approved, they will issue a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) for your records.

Benefits of Using Trumed with Your Exponent Edge HSA/FSA

Maximize pre-tax savings

Stretch your healthcare dollars further by using them for qualified health and wellness expenses.

Invest in preventative measures

Focus on proactive health management for a healthier future by investing in high-quality fitness equipment.

Get more out of your benefits

Unlock the full potential of your employer-sponsored HSA/FSA with Trumed's guidance.


Approval Rating For Fitness Equipment

Our partners at Trumed highlighted the ease of navigating the payment process with their resources guide (Payments-Merchant Guide). They also emphasized that fitness equipment have a 99% approval rating, making it a great option to consider using your HSA/FSA funds.

The Edge Bar is a mix between a shortened cambered bar and an EZ Bar. Perfect for enhanced bicep workouts, chest workouts, and more. This image presents a close up of weight mounting area of the Edge Rackable Cambered Bar.

Exponent Edge

Committed to Your Wellbeing

Exponent Edge is committed to your well-being, and this partnership with Trumed empowers you to take control of your health expenses!