The Infinity Arm 2.0

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Style: 5/8 inch Pin

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Infinity Arm 2.0

The Most Versatile Piece of Home Gym Equipment

Patent-pending, rack-attaching, Infinity Arm can be utilized for chest-supported, arm-supported, back-supported, head-supported, and many other supported exercises.

The Infinity Arm being stored on a squat rack, taking up minimal space

Space Saving

With home gyms in mind, this also folds down to take up less room or is easily removed to allow you to perform your favorite rack exercises.

Man using the Infinity Arm with dumbbells in a rowing motion

For Any Equipment

There is no limit to what weight options can be used; dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell movements, EdgeBar movements, and whatever else you got.

The infinity arm being adjusted using a pin and one of the many holes to allow for a wide variety of angles to target specific muscle groups in a variety of exercises

Multiple Adjustment Angles

Multiple adjustment angles: Flip and attach in the opposite direction:

  1. 3 Bracket Arm Positions: Top, Middle & Bottom
  2. 8 Adjustable Arm positions
  3. 18 Support Pad Positions