The Infinity Arm 2.0

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Infinity Arm - 1 inch Version

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Infinity Arm - 5/8 Version

All units ordered up to January 22nd are currently shipping out.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Infinity Arm 5/8 version is currently on back order. A second pre-order is live and expected to ship at the end of April.

This patent-pending, rack-attaching, Infinity Arm can be utilized for chest-supported, arm-supported, back-supported, head-supported, and many other supported exercises. There is no limit to what weight options can be used; dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell movements, Edge Bar movements, and whatever else you got.

The Infinity Arm has multiple adjustment angles, can be flipped and attached in the opposite direction, and also features a support pad that can move into several positions to perfectly fit your body’s build and accommodate a wide array of exercises using multiple angles. 

  1. There are 3 Bracket Arm Positions: Top, Middle & Botttom
  2. There are 8 Adjustable Arm positions
  3. There are 18 Support Pad Positions

With home gyms in mind, this also folds down to take up less room or is easily removed to allow you to perform your favorite rack exercises.

Style: 5/8 inch Pin