Landmine Exercises - An Extensive List Of Landmine Exercises To Build Muscle

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A landmine - is it worth the money or just a piece of equipment that will collect dust?

Well, I am here to tell you it is well worth the investment. Of course, you'll have to actually use it but this inexpensive piece of equipment can be used from several options. You can rack attach it, place a bar in the corner of a room, buy a floor landmine apparatus, or a number of other options.

The Landmine is a very versatile piece of equipment, it provides exercises for
every body part and creates a greater variety for you at a relatively low price, especially if you already own a barbell and plates. Also, the landmine version of some movements can be performed with a reduced impact on your joints. None of us want nagging aches and pains keeping us out of the gym so if you struggle with any joint pain, a landmine can be an optimal piece of equipment to add to your home gym space.