The Launch Pad

Sale price$375.00

The Launch Pad is the industry's first specialty pad for the weight bench. It helps teach sound form, prevent injuries, and improve strength & power. Coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts can use The Launch Pad to transform their benches into ergonomic, performance-enhancing tools that optimize exercise mechanics and performance. The Launch Pad can also aid shoulder rehab, improve thoracic spine mobility, and help correct postural imbalances. It is engineered to deliver a high-performance workout while decreasing the risk of shoulder impingement, muscular limitations, and soft tissue stress. With The Launch Pad, you'll be able to maximize your results with greater confidence and safety.

***A Launch Pad Tactical Carrying Backpack is included with every purchase of a Launch Pad. These backpacks are not sold separately.***


  • Created by Advanced Muscle Mechanics.
  • Folds in half for easy portability. 
  • Adjustable lumbar to accommodate users of every size.
  • Durable, rigid, high density polyurethane foam and black anodized aluminum construction.
  • Color: black with Advanced Muscle Mechanics logo in red and white. 
  • Compatible with all Olympic & competition benches, OEM standalone benches (stationary and adjustable), as well as many exercise machines (plate loaded and weight stack).