The Edge Rackable Cambered Bar

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The New Black 49-inch Cambered Bar is now available for Pre-Order* Orders are expected to ship at the end of September*

This may look like a traditional cambered bar but it’s not!

The Edge Bar is something of a mix between a shortened cambered bar and an E-Z Bar.

This bar has many applications than just curling. It is a shorter camber that works well for benching and chest supported rows (my two favorite uses) as well as squatting, military press (if you suffer from shoulder strains, this would be ideal to us) skull crushers and of course curls.

The Bar now comes in 2 versions;

46-inch Rackable - 47 inches between sleeves and geared towards 2x2 racks.

49-inch Rackable - 51.5 inches between sleeves and geared towards 2x3 and 3x3 racks.

Both bars have the same ~4-inch Camber.

Outside of this, the bars specs are identical.

Size: 46 Inch Rackable - Red